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The Beauty of Dining at Furman

Last updated February 2, 2024

By Elijah Poritzky

Hi Everyone! 

Since I’ve been covering a lot of my daily life, I want to show you guys something very important to me and my experience at Furman. The food! There are a lot of options when it comes to dining at Furman. I will be covering my favorites: the dining hall, The PDen, and the Paddock. Each of these places is unique and has its own dining style that is enjoyed by students every single day.

The Dining Hall

The first and probably most popular place on campus is the dining hall. I go to the dining hall at least two times a day almost every day of the week. I love the dining hall because of how many options there are. There are foods

 from all over the world including pizza, pasta, stirfry, salad, burgers, etc. They are also gluten-free and vegan

 options. My favorite and I think everybody’s favorite part of the DH is the desserts. The desserts are absolutely amazing, and are changing every single day. Furman is known for its famous cookies, which I can confirm are amazing.

There are lots of different meal plans that students can choose from which gives you a certain amount of swipes per semester. I personally have the unlimited meal plan, which allows me to go to the dining hall as many times as I would like throughout the year. Click here to see the daily dining hall menu – it changes every day and almost every meal!

The PDen

The next place that I love is the PDen. The PDen is amazing because I can get food from restaurants which I would usually have to go off-campus for. These include Chick-fil-A, Moes, and sushi. There’s also a full market that has lots of snacks and drinks including ice cream and other sweet treats. The Pden is great when I have to grab something quick on the go or when I need a snack in between classes. Every student has food points included in their meal plan which can be spent at the PDen. These points act as on campus currency and can be used all throughout the year, carrying over from fall to spring semester. 

The Paddock

Lastly, I want to talk about the nicest restaurant on campus. The Paddock! The Paddock has lots of super nice options when it comes to dining. There are beautiful salads and delicious burgers which can all be meal exchanges or paid with food points. My favorite part of the paddock is the specials that we have every week! The Paddock is a great place to take some friends or even family! To see the menu and specials you can go to

Take care!