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All about Meal Plans at Furman

Last updated October 19, 2023

Hey everyone! My name is Gracie, and I’m a junior here at Furman! Today, I’m going to give you a little more insight into how Furman’s meal plans work.

The meal plan includes meal swipes, meal exchanges, and food points. Meal swipes can only be used at our Dining Hall. Meal exchanges are valid at our on-campus restaurants like Chick-Fil-A and Moe’s. Food points can be used at on-campus restaurants, the Starbucks, and to purchase to-go and grocery items at the PalaDen. Read below for more information about these options!

To start, all freshmen are required to have an unlimited meal plan for their first year. The unlimited plan includes unlimited meal swipes in the dining hall, 40 meal exchanges, and $350 in food points.  Every year after that, the amounts decrease depending on your grade, but you can always purchase a higher meal plan to best fit your needs. For example, only seniors can purchase the senior meal plan, but if they feel it’s necessary, they could upgrade to the junior, sophomore, or unlimited plan.

Now, I will take you through the dining options that we have on campus.

First, we have Daniel Dining Hall (also called the DH). The DH offers a wide variety of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner meals! To enter the DH, you must use a meal swipe. My personal favorite part of the DH is the Mongolian grill. For breakfast and brunch, they cook made-to-order omelets! They do a variety of different meals for lunch and dinner such as Philly cheesesteaks, gyros, quesadillas, and more, but my favorite is when they do chicken, tofu, or beef stir fry! The DH has plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-free options as well. There is something good for everyone!

Upstairs in the DH is a restaurant called Bread and Bowl. Bread and Bowl is open for lunch and takes meal exchanges or food points. Bread and Bowl offers subway-style sandwiches and power bowls- a healthy and fast way to enjoy your lunchtime! From Sunday-Wednesday, Bread and Bowl opens from 8:00pm until midnight! They serve made-to-order pizzas, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas, brownies, buffalo chicken mac n cheese, and more! It’s a great option for late-night snacking during study breaks, as the DH is very close to the library and Trone Student Center.

Another popular food option on campus is the PalaDen (also known as the PDen). The PalaDen contains our
Chick-fil-A, Moe’s, and sushi restaurant, Sushi with Gusto! Chick-fil-A and Moe’s take both meal exchange and food points, buts Sushi with Gusto is food points only. The PalaDen also has drinks, snacks, prepackaged to-go meals, and other groceries available to purchase with food points.

The Paddock is our on-campus sit down restaurant and is located right next to the PalaDen in the Trone Student Center. The Paddock takes meal exchanges or food points and has burgers, salads, wings, sandwiches, and more! Personally, I love eating at The Paddock with my friends and enjoying the beautiful view of the Furman lake from the Paddock’s porch seating area.

Another food option we have is the Library Café. With food points, you can get bagels, coffee, smoothies, pastries, and more! It’s another great option for study-break snacking or a quick pick-me-up between classes.

Lastly, we have our bookstore’s Starbucks! They sell the traditional Starbucks drinks plus pastries. The bookstore also offers some grocery items for food points as well.


Run out of swipes, meal exchanges or points? No need to fear! You can always purchase more if your account is running low. All of Furman dining options accept cash or credit cards as well. Furman has a little something for everyone! Greenville has great off-campus options, but there is always something tasty right here at Furman!

-Gracie Carroll