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Trone Student Center Highlights

By Colin Klaff

Trone Student Center, located right by the lake and across the street from South Housing, is one of my favorite places on campus! With its stunning views of the lake and the activities, features, and other cool things in the building, it is the perfect place to do any sort of activity!

One thing that I like most about Trone is the activities such as Pool and Ping Pong. When I say pool, I mean billiards and not swimming pool. For that, you can head to the PAC to do some laps. My freshman year, my friends and I would love to play pool and ping pong in Trone after dinner and it was so nice to hangout and wind down after a busy day. Playing pool in Trone is definitely one of the subtle highlights from my freshman year because it was all right across from my dorm room in Manly Hall.

Another great thing about Trone is the upstairs area right by the entrance. This big space has a lot of comfortable couches, sofas, chairs and tables. This room also has a large television set up that is always playing something interesting. I love this area of Trone because of its many functions. This is the perfect place to relax in between classes with a cup of coffee from the Starbucks downstairs, or its a great place to study because of its relatively quiet and relaxing environment.

Laslty, Trone is home to many different departments as well. The career center is located towards the back of the building where you can receive help or advice about internships or career searching. This is an extremely useful resource in Trone, as they can help you with anything you need related to your future!

Trone is definitely one of my favorite spaces on campus because of its resources, activities and many different functions that the building serves. I highly recommend spending some time here as its the perfect place to relax, work, or hangout with friends.