Furman Connections in Greenville

Is there anything better than a college that has some of the best connections with places all over the local city? I don’t think so. Furman is so well known around Greenville and it has the best reputation. We have so many connections with businesses all over Greenville and they always help Furman students succeed in every way they can. I know I feel so confident in trusting Furman’s connections to help me become successful. These tools have helped so many students in so many different ways. Greenville shows its love for Furman all the time, but these are some of my favorites.


Furman has such a great connection with PRISMA Health, the local hospital system, and it’s so helpful to students pursuing a medical career. A lot of students at Furman are interested in this field, so this is a huge opportunity that a lot of people take advantage of. There are experiences such as internships, research programs, and observation opportunities that have become great tools. I’m majoring in Health Sciences, so I’m very excited to look into working with PRISMA Health in the future. Furman’s connections allow students the opportunity to be involved in many programs that are would normally not be available.

Other Internship Programs

No matter what field you’re studying, Furman has ways to get you involved with a related internship in Greenville. There are so many local or corporate options right here in Greenville that are always available to students. This is often the first step to a long career path and making connections in college helps in so many ways. The faculty at Furman goes above and beyond to make sure students take advantage of every possible opportunity to make them successful. Furman alumni are also so passionate about helping other Furman students. Basically, rest be assured that any major or career path you pick, Furman has a connection somewhere in Greenville to help you out.

Bon Secours Wellness Arena


Bon Secours Arena is a local multi-purpose arena in downtown Greenville. So many events are held here- from concerts to sporting events, and almost anything else that comes to town. Furman has their own entrance into the arena and it just shows Furman’s presence within the community. Everyone knows Furman, everyone loves it, and everyone always supports the students. I actually had my high school graduation at the arena and you know for a fact my mom took advantage of those Furman flags.

Furman’s reputation around Greenville is one of the biggest things that drew me to this school. I knew I would be set up for an amazing future through their connections. Every Furman alumni I know is so excited to help any current students. Greenville is such a great community and the love shown to Furman is one of the best aspects. No matter what, you can come to Furman knowing that you are SET when it comes to needing any kind of connection in Greenville.

ALL the love!


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