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The Swamp Rabbit Trail

If you have gone on a tour at Furman you have probably heard about the Swamp Rabbit Trail, but today I wanted to provide you with an amazing resource a LOT of people don’t know about!


By following this link, you will have access to an interactive map of the SRT, or Swamp Rabbit Trail. I specifically chose this map because The Carrot is the FOOD GUIDE to Traveler’s Rest and Greenville! It first gives great instructions on how to use the guide and all of its resources. Then, it has pages on pages with maps and information on all the amazing places to eat along the trail. Something so unique about the SRT is that these restaurants are labeled if they are in walking distance from the trial, and literally almost all of them have the show icon indicating just that!

Let me show you some examples:

  1. Pink Mama’s Ice Cream in Traveler’s Rest

Pink Mama’s is a super fun ice cream shop on Main Street. As you can seen in the photos below, the map indicates where it is and that it is walking distance from the trail.

2. Farmer’s Market

The key box titled “Where To?” in the lower left corner helps distinguish the numbers on the map depending on what kind of place they are. In the fall, the Farmer’s Market downtown is SO popular and so much fun to walk around at.

3. Fall’s Park and Spill the Beans

Now, this technically is not a food spot, so I added Spill the Beans because it is a classic, BUT the Falls Park is absolutely beautiful and a must visit spot in Greenville. Walking along the cable bridge is one of my favorite things to do when walking around downtown. The map highlights different parks and bike rental spots along the trail as you can see above.

I hope you enjoyed this extra look at the Swamp Rabbit Trail! Click the link at the top to explore for yourself!

Libby Mulligan