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Second Semester Support

Happy second semester!! I don’t know about you all but I was so excited to be back on campus and back in the swing of things after a long break! But even with my excitement, I was slightly nervous about returning and knew I would benefit from reaching out to SOAR about possible accommodations to make my Furman experience even better! I was amazed by the way SOAR was invested in my own well being and success here at Furman. 

I was able to meet with counselors and discuss my concerns and chat about what would be the best accommodations to ease my worries, and the decision we came to was an emotional support animal accommodation! This meant I was able to bring my kitten on campus to live in my dorm with me. It has only been a few days but it has been so amazing to have that support of my kitten and the faculty at SOAR. I highly encourage every student to take full advantage of the resources provided for us here. Whether that’s the student health center, counseling center, or SOAR- everyone on staff cares so deeply about your best interests. So, if ya ever need to pet an emotional support cat… I’m your girl- Rosemary Cruse