Why Four Years Residential is AMAZING

I want to paint a picture for y’all. It’s a cool, fall afternoon in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m sitting in my North Village apartment, the windows are open, and I can faintly hear the sound of the bell tower as I type away writing my latest blog post for Furman Admissions. My roomie, who doubles as my best friend, is making cinnamon rolls in our ~university furnished~ kitchen. Life. Is. Good. One of the many things that I love about Furman is the requirement to live on campus for all four years of the undergraduate experience. With this being said, I am absolutely ECSTATIC to break down a few reasons why I truly believe this!!!  

  • Your best friends are a quick walk away…ALL THE TIME:
Def cried after snapping this pic of my roomie taking down her stuff on move out day freshman year

This is by far my favorite aspect of on campus living. Your besties are always within walking distance, 24/7! Starting your first year on campus, all of the freshmen live in a collection of five different buildings called South Housing, or SoHo. The buildings surround a grass quad, and it is around a one minute walk from one end of SoHo to the other. This is a great way for freshmen to build community as everyone lives so close to one another. Moving on to sophomore year, you’ll live in the Clark Murphy Housing Complex, formerly known as Lakeside. This building was always so fascinating to me, as the entire sophomore class lives in one, HUGE building. I loved living here for so many reasons, but one huge perk was when it was cold outside I could visit my friends without putting a jacket on- I could even go in my pajamas if I really wanted to!  

  • You don’t have to worry about commuting:

One thing that I always mention to prospective students is that truthfully, you don’t need a car at Furman. A huge reason why I’m saying this is because Furman is most definitely a walking campus, which is just one more reason living on campus for four years is awesome. In my opinion, it is much more convenient to walk to class as opposed to driving from an off campus apartment, worrying about parking, etc. Sometimes, my roomies and I will walk to class together which is great for bonding and getting those steps in! I love wearing my Apple Watch– it sure is easy to get steps at Furman! 

  • You don’t have to worry about a lease: 

A huge highlight of Furman and our four year residential requirement is that you don’t have to worry about finding a lease, furnishing an apartment, or paying for rent and utilities! When you live on campus, the only thing you have to worry about is finding roommates and picking your apartment or dorm on campus. Furman housing furnishes the living spaces, so all you need to worry about is bringing your personal belongings! As college students, we have so much going on- the last thing I personally want to worry about is paying monthly rent. Some of my friends at state schools have to find their housing for the following year as soon as October- thankful this isn’t something I have to do!

  • You truly feel a part of a community: 

There’s something special about having the entire student population on campus. It allows for a more united community in all different aspects- during both the good times and the hard times. Even running into a classmate at the DH or on an early morning lake walk is something that is possible thanks to living on campus for four years. The Furman community really is a family, and I truly think that one of the biggest reasons we are such a tight knit community is because we all are on campus all four years. I love being able to open up the door of my apartment, walk two steps, and be in my bff’s apartment. Many of the memories we have made together are thanks to the fact we Furman is four years residential. 

  • There is always something going on! 

Furman is AMAZING at always having events on campus for students. Whether it is something as simple as the stellar weekend DH brunches, or something as elaborate as FUSAB’s Winter Wonderland, there is always something going on. Many weekends my friends and I choose to stay on campus because there are so many fun events and activities planned for the students. Another reason four years residential is amazing is because everyone is on campus during these events, meaning the turn out is always really solid! Even during Covid-19, Furman has made many different events possible for the students. Just the other night my roommates and I all walked outside our apartment to be greeted with a food truck full of Krispy Kreme and hot chocolate! So much fun. 

Little sis on move in day- what a cutie

One thing college has taught me is that time really flies by. One day you’re a wide eyed, eager freshman, the next you’re almost a second semester junior completely baffled that time has gone by as fast as it has. With this, maximizing your time on your college campus is crucial! Luckily, living on campus for four years is an excellent way to do just that. Some of my favorite days at school have been the nights my friends and I sat in each other’s dorm rooms playing games, talking about life, and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. Never let anyone tell you living on campus for four years isn’t amazing- I pinky promise it is! It is always so nice knowing that all of my favorite humans are living on the same campus as me- whether I want to have a late night chat, make brunch with my besties, or visit my little sister who is a freshman at Furman. 

If you ever want to chat about anything housing, Furman, Greenville, or college life in general, you know where to find me! I’m here for you & want you to thrive in college. 

Have a happy day, 


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