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Program Overview

The Department of Psychology’s mission is to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to study the science of psychology and, through discovery-based learning, to contribute new knowledge to the discipline. Our program encourages critical thinking as well as broad and deep understanding of historical trends, concepts, methods, and empirical findings in the core areas of psychology. Emphasizing synthesis, integration, and communication of knowledge, our approach stimulates students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. With numerous opportunities for internships and collaborative research, our program prepares students for novel problem solving and the changing demands of the work place as well as graduate and professional schools. We encourage students to be ethical, humble, respectful and tolerant. We seek to inspire all students to be lifelong learners who will lead productive and fulfilling lives as thoughtful and responsible citizens.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate with a psychology degree, you'll have an extensive list of careers available to you.

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Tips for Finding an Internship

When beginning your search for an internship, make sure to connect with someone in the internship office. Next, view the “Student Instructions Furman Internship Database” document on Moodle and access the database.  Once accessing the...

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Careers in Psychology

Psychology students gain skills in critical thinking and analysis, granting the capability to pursue careers in a variety of industries. While students may need to pursue more education in order to work directly with clients,...

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