We’re here for you from the time you’re deciding on philosophy as a major to when you start your career after graduation. Our resources will help keep you up-to-date on the department, guide you through your undergraduate career, and show you how philosophy interacts with other departments across campus.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a place for all majors to get together to engage in a community of philosophical discussion. We have casual lunches with professors in the dining hall, host guest speakers, book and movie discussions, and travel to conferences around the country. We’re always looking for new, fun ways to get our campus excited about philosophy.

Senior Thesis

By the time you reach the end of your junior year, you’ll be ready to take your academic career to the next level. That’s why we offer a senior thesis option. You’ll apply for this competitive program your junior year and spend your senior year working on your thesis. The program will give you a taste of what graduate work will be like, the chance to work closely with a professor, and the opportunity to publish a paper before you graduate.


From getting help writing a great paper to finding a place to publish it, we’ve complied some resources to help you on your way.