Course Overview

MSL 101 and 102:

These are the fall and spring semester courses for our freshmen (MS1) cadets. During your first year, our cadre members will introduce you to what life is like in the Army and you will learn basic customs and courtesies as well as receive an introduction to the fundamental skills all soldiers learn upon entering. The focus of these classes is to acclimate you to the structured standards, expectations, and environments that separates soldiers from civilians. You will also be expected to participate in early morning physical exercises, as well as tactical field training. This year will build the basic responsibilities that will help further your sense of leadership.


MSL 201 and 202:

Congratulations! You have survived freshmen year, and you are now a sophomore (MS2) cadet. During your second year, you will build on the foundation set in freshmen year. Your responsibilities will increase, as you will be expected to take on the role of a team leader through helping welcome and acclimate the new cadets to life in the battalion. Your focus during this year will be continuing to improve your physical fitness, and learning more in-depth tactics used during field operations. If you are a new cadet coming in as a sophomore, don’t worry, your fellow sophomores, upperclassmen cadets, and cadre will teach you everything you need to know; just make sure you are in the right uniform and ready to learn.


MSL 301 and 302:

With two years under your belt, it is now time for you to learn everything you possibly can, and apply that knowledge to a real life tactical situation. As a junior (MS3) cadet, carry you will take on a lot more responsibility as either a Platoon Sergeant (PSG) or a Squad Leader (SL). While it is true that the senior (MS4) cadets help run the Paladin Battalion, juniors are an integral part in  the success of the battalion. During your junior year, you will be the backbone of the three platoons in the Paladin Battalion. It is your responsibility to make sure your squad and platoon members come to all events in the right uniform with the right equipment. Also during this year, the cadre and the seniors will prepare you to succeed at Advanced Camp in Ft. Knox. The pressure is on this year, but nothing compares to the payoff by seeing your peers and the lowerclassmen cadets under you grow and develop.


MSL 401 and 402:

Congratulations cadet! You survived Ft. Knox, you passed Advanced Camp, and now you are ready to become a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. The only thing left as a senior (MS4) cadet is to pass an APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test), graduate college, and hope that you receive your preferred branch for your MOS (method of service). However, you will have the most responsibility outside of class because of the future possibility of you becoming a part of battalion leadership (BC or CSM), in the battalion staff (S1, S2, S3, S4, or S6), or a platoon leader (PL). You will be responsible for planning and executing all battalion events, with the help of the cadre. You will also spend your class time with the PMS learning how to be a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. It is only a matter of months before you take your oath and your commission. Enjoy these last months because they will go by quickly.

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