Student cadets clapping


There are many different ways to go about paying for school. The Army ROTC offers a number of different scholarships to students depending on where they are in life as well as where they want to go. There are scholarships specifically for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees, Language scholarships, as well as National Guard and Army Reserve scholarships.

If you are a rising Senior or in your Senior year of high school, you may be interested in Army ROTC 4-year and 3-year advanced designee scholarships.

If you are a current college student, there are a number of campus-based scholarships available to you as well.  There are 3.5 year STEM scholarships as well as 3-year scholarships that are awarded based on CGPA, physical fitness and overall performance.

There are scholarships available directly for those students who are interested in commissioning into the Army National Guard and Army Reserves.  There are 4-year, 3-year and 2-year scholarships available to incoming Freshman as well as current college students.