Wylie Mathematics Tournament

Wylie Mathematics Tournament

The Wylie Mathematics Tournament is a one-day event designed to encourage the study of mathematics and to provide a challenging and enjoyable competition for top mathematics high school students throughout the Southeast.

Unfortunately, the 2021 tournament is CANCELLED due to COVID-19 and Furman’s restrictions regarding campus activities.  The next tournament is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Schedule for the day of the tournament in pdf format: Day of Tournament Schedule


Thanks to a generous gift by Dr. and Mrs. C. Ray Wylie, registration and participation are free. Your only costs will be for transportation and lunch. The deadline to register is Friday, March 6, 2020.

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Senior Competition

The competition will consist of two components: a two-hour written examination in the morning and a ciphering match following the lunch break.

The Examination

The written examination consists of multiple-choice questions from the following subjects: algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, analytic geometry, probability, and logic. Tie-breaker questions are included on the exam, but these will only be graded to break a tie amongst the top six finishers. Calculators of any kind are not allowed on either the written or ciphering portion of this competition.

The Ciphering Competition

There will be two ciphering matches in the afternoon (one for each division). Each ciphering match will be composed of three rounds. Each school will select three representatives to participate in the match (one per round). In the course of the match, questions will be displayed on a screen and students will have approximately two minutes to write down a response. The first, second, and third students to give a correct response will earn four, three, and two points, respectively. All correct responses given within the time limit will earn one point. In the end, each team will have a composite score for the match.


There will be individual and team awards. Individual awards will be given to the participants with the top six scores on the written examination, irrespective of division. The team score will be computed by adding the top four scores on the written examination to the composite ciphering score. Awards will be given to the first, second, third, and fourth place teams in each division. To compete as a team, students must be accompanied by a sponsor.

Junior Competition

The junior competition is open to all high school freshmen and sophomores. Note, however, that freshmen and sophomores are eligible to compete in the senior competition and are encouraged to do so if they are advanced in their course work. The junior competition will consist of only a written multiple-choice examination in the morning, given concurrently with the written examination for the senior competition. The questions for this examination will be taken from topics in algebra and geometry.

Each school may enter as many students as they wish in this competition in addition to any students entered in the senior competition. Awards will be presented to the three individuals having the highest scores on this written examination. There will be no team awards in the junior competition.


If your team is planning to travel to Greenville and you need a place to stay, Furman has secured a special rate at several hotels in our area. When booking one of these hotels, be sure to ask for the Furman Friends and Family rate. Book your stay.


Furman University administers the tournament and provides the physical facilities and personnel. The South Carolina Delta Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honorary fraternity, and the Department of Mathematics act as official hosts.

If you have any questions or concerns you may e-mail, write, or call: Furman University Wylie Mathematics Tournament, c/o Mark R. Woodard, Furman University, Department of Mathematics, Greenville, South Carolina 29613, 864.294.3626. E-mail address: mark.woodard@furman.edu.