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What is a pre-law track?

There is no pre-law major or degree at Furman. Furman’s pre-law track is designed to assist students pursuing any major investigate the legal profession. Pre-law is a way for undergraduates to engage in law-related classes, internships, research and study away opportunities to 1) help them determine if law is an appropriate path for them, and 2) prepare them with the skills, know-how and experiences to be accepted to law school either after graduation or years later.

Why explore pre-law at Furman?

You’ve thought about law as a profession, but you may not be sure it’s the right career path. Pre-law at Furman gives you the chance to investigate law professions while you pursue any of the 70-plus majors, minors and programs that Furman offers. Guided by a dedicated, full-time pre-law advisor, you’ll develop a powerful set of skills – problem-solving, critical thinking, research, organization, collaboration and time-management – while boosting verbal and written communication competencies and learning ways to promote public service and justice.

Plan a visit to Furman’s beautiful campus or start your application today. Furman’s pre-law advisor is with you every step of the way, from introducing you to different legal professions to preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) to applying for law school and helping you secure funding for it. Contact the pre-law advisor in the Office of Pre-Professional Advising to start the conversation.

How will you learn?

It’s not surprising that Furman’s law school acceptance rate for alumni far exceeds national averages by over 20 percentage points (see Fast Facts). On top of one-on-one advising for students and graduates alike, pre-law at Furman exposes future juris doctorate candidates to admission workshops, law school visits, regional Law School Admission Council (LSAC) forums and more, to familiarize you with the law school admission process and how to expertly navigate the demands once admitted.

Based in Furman’s Office of Pre-Professional Advising, the Furman pre-law advisor hosts law schools on campus, attorney panels and attorney-alumni gatherings, which connect you to the local legal community. You’ll learn from speakers and participate in career treks to understand the many roles you can play in the legal profession. You’ll also gain practical, hands-on experience through targeted legal internships in the fast-growing city of Greenville, South Carolina. And since Furman’s hometown is not a law school hub, you won’t be competing with law students for the top internships at legal firms and offices in the area.

Featured law-related courses

There are no academic major or course requirements for pre-law at Furman. The American Bar Association does not recommend any particular majors or courses either, as they say that students are admitted to law school from almost every academic discipline. You’ll find law-related content in nearly every department on campus. Students should meet with the pre-law advisor to discuss current course offerings and courses they may find interesting. Some samples include:

  • 94%
    law school acceptance rate for Furman seniors in the last five years
  • 71%
    national law school acceptance rate in the last five years
  • 70
    law schools where Furman students have been accepted in last five years

What our students say

“Furman pre-law has remained a core part of my Furman experience from my first interest meeting with Maya Russell freshman year to tackling the law school admissions process as an alum. Maya is Furman’s greatest asset for its pre-law students and has built pre-law advising from the ground up through open-door student appointments, pre-professional programming with high-profile attorneys in varied fields, and invaluable partnerships and presentations with law school admissions officers.”
– Andrew Allen ’21, B.A., politics and international affairs and history; J.D. candidate, The George Washington University Law School

Our faculty

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