Program Overview

Office of Pre-Professional Advising (OPPA)
Director of Pre-Professional Advising
John Banisaukas

What is a pre-health/pre-med track?

If you’re considering a career in a health-related field, a pre-health/pre-med track provides opportunities to explore the health professional world. Often, students who are interested in health careers need advice on course selection, experiences in health care settings, and networking with alumni mentors to 1) confirm that a health career is the right fit, and 2) pinpoint what area in the vast health care field they might pursue. A pre-health advising track is the means for revealing and understanding your place in the world of health careers.

Why explore pre-health/pre-med at Furman?

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising (OPPA) at Furman offers advising and resources, and guides students through the health professional school application process. We connect you to dozens of clinical experiences, from shadowing physicians at Prisma Health to conducting research in a biomedical science laboratory. OPPA prepares you for your future career, and ensures you are a competitive applicant when the time comes to apply to the health professional school of your choice, either directly after graduating or years later.

It might surprise you to know that 40% of our students who are interested in health careers are studying disciplines outside of the sciences. Pre-health/pre-med at Furman gives you the chance to investigate health professions while you consider any of the more than 70 majors, minors and programs available at the university. Guided by dedicated, full-time pre-health advisors, you’ll amass a powerful set of skills – problem-solving, critical thinking, research, organization, collaboration and time-management – all while boosting verbal and written communication competencies. Plan a visit to Furman’s beautiful campus or start your application today.

How will you learn?

No matter the major you select, the advisors in pre-health will support you through every step of your academic journey, from providing expert guidance​ on courses to identifying clinical experiences​ that will bolster your career goals.

Get plugged into the Upstate Medical Legal Partnership as an intern. Working toward improving health outcomes of Upstate residents, especially those living in poverty, the MLP comprises Furman University’s Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH), Prisma Health and South Carolina Legal Services.

Want a front-row seat to hospital procedures? The Prisma Health Clinical Observation Program gives you the chance to observe physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists and other health care providers in over a dozen departments within the Prisma Health hospital system.

With these possibilities and many more, it’s good to have pre-health advisors who know you and are looking out for your interests. Connect with them early and often.

Featured pre-health/pre-med courses

Best described as a pathway, pre-health at Furman has no academic major or course requirements. You’ll find health-related content in nearly every department on campus. Students should meet with the pre-health advisors to discuss current course offerings and courses they may find interesting.

Some samples include:

  • 40%
    students pursuing health careers at Furman who are not majoring in the sciences
  • 70%
    Furman medical school average acceptance rate in the last 10 years for senior applicants
  • 42%
    National medical school average acceptance rate in the last 10 years for senior applicants
  • 42%
    Furman students who show an interest in health careers

What our students say

“The pre-health track at Furman allowed me to combine my interests in the politics and international affairs major and health care. The professors, while rigorous, were extremely helpful, and I feel well prepared to begin medical school in the fall.”
– Noah Steyer ’22, B.A., politics and international affairs; pre-medical track

Our faculty

John Banisaukas

Director of Pre-Professional Advising, Chief Health Careers Advisor

Carmela Epright

Professor of Philosophy

Matt Feigenbaum

Professor of Health Sciences

Kristy Maher

Professor, Sociology

Greg Springsteen

Professor, Chemistry

Victoria Turgeon

Professor,Biology; Academic Director, Prisma Health Partnership; Faculty Ombuds
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