What is an applied mathematics degree?

Students interested in applied mathematics are motivated by finding, exploring and explaining connections between mathematics and other disciplines, applying math to problems that arise in various areas such as science, business and industry, engineering or other fields. Students gain essential skills in programming and mathematical modeling and have the opportunity to apply these skills in other fields.

Why study applied mathematics at Furman?

As a private liberal arts and sciences university, Furman is dedicated to developing identity and purpose, agency and integrity, intellectual curiosity, and civic and global engagement in its students. You’ll work closely with respected faculty, gaining the opportunity to find unique connections between academic disciplines and your individual passions. Plan a visit to Furman’s beautiful campus or start your application today.

How will you learn?

On campus, your studies will take you from the classroom to the lab, Mathematics Resource Center, Sanders Science Library and a host of other onsite resources. Your studies will also lead you from the campus to the community. The applied mathematics major enjoys a high participation rate in undergraduate research and internships, with many recent projects involving other disciplines such as biology, business, computer science, sports analytics, physics and earth and environmental science. Small class sizes result in individualized attention from faculty. You can also take advantage of opportunities to study abroad, for example, on the one-of-a-kind Math and the Mouse Study Away Experience program, which investigates the mathematical modeling that The Walt Disney Company uses to make their Florida theme parks and resorts run efficiently. Your work will include foundational courses, computer programming, mathematical modeling, proof-based mathematics and custom experiences based on your own academic interests.

Featured applied mathematics courses

  • 87%
    Applied mathematics majors participating in a high-impact experience
  • 57%
    Applied mathematics majors who went on to graduate school
  • 69%
    Applied mathematics majors pursuing a double major

What our students say

“The applied mathematics major gave me key experience in research, modeling and programming that served as a solid foundation to build on in my engineering grad program. My job now draws directly on my experiences in creating mathematical models of real-world systems and evaluating their performance, skills I developed in my courses, my May Experience and my summer research experience.”
- Zack Miller ’18

Our faculty

Liz Bouzarth

Professor, Mathematics

Roy Bower

Associate Professor, Mathematics

John Harris

Professor, Mathematics; Faculty Director, Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection

Kevin Hutson

Professor, Mathematics
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