Liz Bouzarth

Liz Bouzarth

Professor, Mathematics

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As an undergraduate, Liz Bouzarth attended a small liberal arts college, Dickinson College, where she majored in Mathematics and Physics. She is happy to return to this type of academic setting at Furman. After receiving her bachelor's degree, she earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, focusing in Applied Mathematics. Before coming to Furman in 2011, she was an Assistant Research Professor at Duke University. While at Furm​an, she has been recognized as a Furman Standard honoree in 2012. This honor is given by alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching and mentoring. In 2018, she received the Undergraduate Research Mentor Award from the Council for Undergraduate Research. Furman further recognized her efforts with the Alester G. Furman Jr. and Janie Earle Furman Award for Meritorious Advising in 2021.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dickinson College

Liz Bouzarth is an applied mathematician whose early research focused on computational fluid dynamics. This numerical field has a wide variety of applications, but Dr. Bouzarth focuses on Stokes flow and its applications to biology. She has expanded her research interests while at Furman to include applications of mathematics to sports, health, theme park touring, and various community engagement projects, both within the Furman and Greenville communities. Dr. Bouzarth often collaborates with students on research and engaged learning projects, blending teaching, scholarship, and mentorship.

Along with John Harris and Kevin Hutson​, she developed Math and the Mouse, a study away May Experience course that immerses students in learning about the breadth and applications of mathematics and related topics in Walt Disney World.  She has worked with students on interdisciplinary research with colleagues in the Health Sciences Department and at the Greenville Health System as well as projects in sports analytics and touring optimization. She started Math in the City at Furman, a collaborative research effort with the city of Greenville that connects Furman students with quantitative projects in the community.

Dr. Bouzarth enjoys collaborating with colleagues and students in all aspects of research and is an active participant in the Mathematics Department’s summer research program. She travels with students to professional conferences, giving them an opportunity to present their work to the research community. Dr. Bouzarth has published in respected peer-reviewed journals and professional society magazines, and has also contributed to public interest pieces in ESPN The Magazine and the Huffington Post Science Blog.