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A Peek into WGS & the Featured Course This Fall

Last updated September 2, 2021

By Camiell Foulger

Interested in some of the projects our department has been involved in? We have been involved in the formation of a new course and a new major in recent years.

Upper-Level Pathways

The department of English is pleased to begin a new Upper-Level Pathways course experience for juniors and seniors.

This course will prepare students for a successful launch in their post-graduate lives, whether that be in a profession or in the pursuit of higher education.

Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Major

The Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality major was first offered in fall 2019 and was previously only available as a minor. Two English professors, Gretchen Braun and Lynne Shackelford were instrumental in organizing the establishment of the major, in addition to History professor Savita Nair.

An interdisciplinary approach is taken for the fulfillment of the major, where students are required to take courses within three different departments outside of WGS. Students are encouraged to dabble in philosophy, economics, literature, religion, sociology, and anthropology.

The major requires a supervised internship or a directed research project, which can either be in collaboration with a faculty or completed as a guided, yet independent investigation within the realm of women’s, gender, & sexuality studies.

For more information on the major, reach out to Gretchen Braun, Savita Nair, or Lynne Shackelford.