Student Organizations

Furman Economic Society

The Furman Economic Society is the principal student organization for economic events outside the classroom. Activities range from coffee talks on subjects of interest to social events with both students and faculty. The society’s leaders serve as peer advisors for the major. Your participation in helps the department can align its programming with your interests and passions.

Furman University Women in Economics

Furman University Women in Economics (FUWIE) is an organization centered around bringing together women with a passion for economics.  FUWIE’s mission is to help those women develop their academic and career paths alongside other women with similar interests, forming a strong support system before they enter the male-dominated professional field.  To foster community, FUWIE hosts events such as panels, social events, and lectures to help connect undergraduate women to older students, recent graduates, and women with well-established careers.

Investments Club

Seeking a career in investment management, private equity or banking? Get real-world experience in the Investments Club. For more than two decades, this organization has provided students with an opportunity to manage a portfolio and learn vital skills that can be utilized in the financial sector.

Here’s how it started: In 1988, Furman’s Board of Trustees transferred $100,000 to the club from the school’s endowment. Since then, the club’s members have used that balance to identify investment strategies, purchase stocks and gain experience in the world of finance. The group also hosts events with Greenville’s business leaders.

Student Honors

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the international honor society for economics. Furman is home to Omicron Delta Epsilon’s Eta Chapter of South Carolina.

The Stanford Prize

The Stanford Prize celebrates research and outstanding writing by recognizing the student with the best paper on an economics topic in a given year. Papers are judged by a committee of three economics faculty members, and the winner is announced at the end-of-year picnic. The competition is open to non-majors and majors. The prize consists of $100 and “bragging rights for a year.”