CSC-105: Introductory Computer Science at Furman

At Furman, every student’s ability to find, manipulate, analyze and produce information using a variety of sophisticated problem-solving techniques and computing technologies is a high priority. You have several options for initiating such a study – through different themes of the course CSC-105: Introduction to Computer Science. Each section of the course applies fundamental principles of computing to a different real-world problem. This page gives a brief overview of the themes for upcoming offerings of CSC-105. For more information, consult the Furman University Catalogue or contact the Department of Computer Science at 294-2097.

FALL 2023

CSC-105-01 – Creativity and Computers (with Dr. Andrea Tartaro)
TR @ 2:30 p.m., Lab M @ 2:30

This course will introduce the field of computer science by looking at how computers can be used as tools for creative expression. What do we need to know about computer science to support creativity? Can technology inspire creativity? Can a computer itself be creative? We will look at various modes of creative expression such as images, sound, creative writing, crafts/diy and the maker movement, games and social interaction.

CSC-105-02 – Social Media (with Dr. Kevin Treu)
MWF @ 11:30 a.m., Lab T @ 2:30

This course will undertake the study of computer science in the context of implementing and effectively using social media tools. We will consider significant questions such as how does social media impact our society in general, and our lives in particular? What are the opportunities and dangers? How do we fully participate and contribute in the social media landscape? How do the computer science topics of programming and algorithmic problem-solving enable social media? (Specifically, how do we implement the social media apps that are so pervasive?) What analytical tools can be applied to social media data to uncover important facts and trends, and predict future trends?


CSC-105-01 – The Internet (with Prof. Rebecca Drucker)
MWF @ 8:30 a.m., Lab R @ 2:30

One of the scariest phrases in the English language: “The Wi-Fi is down!”

Web-based applications such as cloud storage, social media, and video streaming are more ubiquitous today than ever before. This course presents an introduction to computer science concepts through the lens of the Internet, as we examine its history, structure, and function. Discussion topics will include contemporary issues in computer networks such as net neutrality, censorship, and privacy concerns.

CSC-105-02 – Information Security for Future Leaders (with Prof. Bryan Catron)
TR @ 2:30p.m., Lab W @ 4:30

This course takes a broad overview on issues related to security in today’s society.  The course will explore important concepts and ideas necessary for all “digital citizens” including encryption, social engineering, networking, as well as defense strategies.