The four professors in the Classics department, each an expert in a different aspect of the ancient world, all work together to ensure that our courses, research programs, and study away opportunities give students the best possible educational experience.

The hub of the Classics department is Furman Hall 128, our new department suite. Part classroom, part gathering-spot, wholly community, this is where Classics students and professors commingle — working, socializing, advising, laughing, and discussing in a way that is more valuable than a merely academic relationship. Have a question? Pop your head in a professor’s door. Found a funny Classics meme? Pop it up on the TV screen for everyone to see. Need a place to study? Take a chair and get at it.

Meet our Faculty

Christopher Blackwell

The Louis G. Forgione University Professor of Classics

Randall Childree

Associate Professor of Classics; Chair of Classics

Eunice Kim

Assistant Professor, Classics

Chiara Palladino

Assistant Professor, Classics