Randall Childree

Randall Childree

Associate Professor of Classics; Chair of Classics

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Academic Interests

Latin poetry, especially elegy (Latin love poetry); textual criticism and digital editions; Roman imperial history and early Christianity under Rome; Greek tragedy, particularly Aeschylus.

My scholarship currently centers on editions of Latin texts for mid-level readers, including Propertius 1, the Ilias Latina (“Latin Iliad”), selections from Arnobius’s Adversus Nationes (“Response to the Non-Christians”), and Lactantius’s De Mortibus Persecutorum (“Deaths of the Persecutors”). As a teacher, I particularly enjoy teaching Latin courses, where I have the opportunity to examine together with students how language works at the most fundamental level.


  • M.A., Ph. D., University of Florida
  • B.A., University of Alabama

Research Interests

  • Textual criticism and digital editions; Latin poetry; Roman elegy; early Christian texts in Latin