Whether you’re interested in examining a molecule or an entire ecosystem, you’ll find something exciting to study in the wide range of undergraduate research and internship opportunities offered by the Biology department. Maybe you’ll study a neurodegenerative disease. Or how environmental conditions have impacted different species of fish. Regardless of your interests, the broad expertise of our faculty will have you covered.

Our faculty serve as mentors and collaborators for these experiences, involving you in their research and helping you initiate your own projects. Indeed, all majors are required to participate in a research project or an internship. When you graduate from Furman, you won’t just know some biology. You will have begun your training as a practicing biologist.

If you’d prefer to work off campus, there are a number of opportunities available through internships and off-campus research. Internships may originate from the Internship Office or through faculty contacts.

 Internships and Off-Campus Research

Furman’s internships mesh with the goals of Furman’s liberal arts program, adding another component to your holistic academic experience. The Biology department has contacts at many sites in the Southeast, and we regularly recommend students for internships or research experiences at these facilities.

Summer Research & Internships Fellowships

Furman is one of the few schools in the country that directly funds student internships, providing competitive fellowships for students who would otherwise receive little or no payment. Find out how we can fund your internship.