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Research & Internship

One of the biggest advantages of attending Furman is undergraduate research. When you’re a major in Asian Studies, you’ll have an opportunity to conduct field and text-based research. Our faculty members serve as mentors and collaborative partners on these projects, challenging you to explore issues that you might not have considered. You might even take your research to Asia. Curious what those opportunities might be? Take a look at the research opportunities that we’ve offered in the past.


Want to bring history to life? Our students are involved in research at two important sites: Mawandgui in Changsha, Human Province and the Guodian Chu Slips in Jingmen, Hubei Province. At each of these locations, our students are helping study ancient Chinese texts.

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Assessing Programming for Women's Empowerment

At home and abroad, women's empowerment is an important issue that many non-profits work on, including Greenville's Dining for Women. Programs like these help women and girls get an education, have fulfilling careers, and stay healthy. But what are the programs' strengths? How can they be improved? We work with non-profits to assess how successful their programs are and help them make improvements.

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Comparing Popular Culture

Do you love pop culture? How do Japanese and American cultural phenomena compare? We've studied it all, from comparative studies on Japanese and American cosplay and otaku to Japanese visual-kei J-pop bands. What will we study next? It's up to you.

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Minority Customary Law

What happens when village laws that have been in place for hundreds of years contradict the laws of the modern government? Which laws take precedent? What punishments are appropriate? These are the questions some students have helped investigate while researching minority customary laws in China. Along with gaining valuable insight into China's minorities, this research project is ideal for students considering a law career.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

How does traditional Chinese medicine differ from Western medicine? That's what you can explore during a six-week course at Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When you return to the U.S., you'll also have an opportunity to intern in the Greenville Health System.

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