Furman’s Asian Studies Department is delighted to offer the First Year Chinese Studies Experience (FCSE). FSCE offers twelve selected students a three week fully funded study tour of Taiwan in May after their freshman year. FCSE student participants will take two semesters of Chinese your first year at Furman.

A fully-funded study tour to Taiwan

Our program in May will delve into Taiwan’s environmental issues as we explore its varied and spectacular terrain. Our travels will take us to the financial and political capital of Taipei, mines, farms, ethnic villages, breathtaking mountain gorges, ports, and coastlines. We will visit with villagers, government officials, NGO leaders, scholars, and scientists all working on and affected by Taiwan’s environmental conditions.

You may be thinking: “A free trip to Taiwan?? What’s the catch?” There is no catch!  We believe you’ll be as fascinated by Taiwan and the environment as we are, especially after learning to communicate in Chinese, and then traveling to Asia to explore how politics, culture, economics, and science intertwine. Our goal is to spark student interest early so you have time to delve into the numerous classes, study away opportunities, internships, and research opportunities we offer in Asian Studies during your four-year pathway at Furman. We will notify applicants whether they are accepted into the program in early July and you will then automatically be enrolled in the proper Chinese language course. We hope you’ll “catch the bug” your first year, but even if you never take another related course, we are confident your First Year Chinese Studies Experience will forever change how you understand both yourself and the world. Come see Taiwan to see the world!

Only twelve students will be able to join the program, so apply early. The deadline to apply is June 28th. We hope to see you soon!

FCSE May Study Program Application

The 2025 Study Tour will be co-directed by Dr. Kate Kaup (Professor of Asian Studies and Politics and International Affairs) and Dr. Dongming Zhang (Associate Professor of Asian Studies). You will take a Chinese language course in the fall and spring, so you’ll be ready to practice your Chinese when we travel to Taiwan for three weeks in May.

Call Dr. Kate Kaup at 864.294.3150 or email kate.kaup@furman.edu for more information.

Call D. Dongming Zhang at 864.294.2951 or email dongming.zhang@furman.edu for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apply before the June 30th deadline. For more information, please contact us.