Strategic Planning

As Furman approaches its 200th year, we continue to strive for excellence and innovation. In Spring 2023, Furman embarked on the process of developing its next strategic plan, which will drive the university forward over the next three to five years. The planning process provides an opportunity for all to come together as a community to chart our future.

President Elizabeth Davis and the Senior Administrative Team are working with consulting partner, Credo, to identify the framework and timeline while ensuring there is consistent and meaningful input from all members of the community.

Feedback and questions are welcome at

Strategic Planning Process


Planning Process Timeline:

  • Kickoff/Partnered with Credo – December 2022
  • Credo presents framework to Board of Trustees – February 2023
  • Community Day planning workshop – February 2023
  • Summer Board Retreat – August 2023
  • Planning Team launched – October 2023
  • Planning Team meetings – October and December 2023
  • Campus feedback sessions – Nov. 9, 17, and 27, 2023
  • Planning Team report/draft plan – December 2023
  • Working groups will operationalize the plan – Spring 2024
  • Present strategic plan to Board of Trustees – May 2024

The Planning Team is responsible for considering the input from Community Day, the Senior Administrative Team and the Board of Trustees to narrow the focus of the strategic plan.   Credo, the consultant assisting Furman with the development of the strategic plan, will facilitate the work of this team. The planning team will share the outcomes of their conversations and work with the campus community and seek feedback. Their goal is to have a draft of key initiatives to share with President Davis and the Senior Administrative Team by the end of the Fall 2023 Semester. The members of this team were recommended by the vice presidents of each division.

In Spring 2024 (and beyond) working groups (some existing such as the DEI Committees), will operationalize, execute and assess the progress on these initiatives.


Connie Carson, Student Life
Beth Pontari, Academic Affairs

Planning Team Members

Kristin Austin, Human Resources
Ian Brown, Campus Recreation & Wellness
Jason Cassidy, Dean of Students
Erik Ching, Engaged Learning
Vaughn Crowe-Tipton, Chaplain, Religion Faculty
Linnea Freeman, Bio/Neuro Faculty, Chair of Curricular Initiatives
Lauren Payne, Career Engagement
Mac McArthur, Communication Studies Faculty, Department Chair, Graduate Studies
Scott Henderson, Education Faculty, Faculty Council
Lisa Knight, DEI Leadership, Anthropology/Religion/Asian Studies Faculty
Elizabeth Lichtenburg, University Communications
Kaniqua Robinson, Anthropology Faculty
Liz Seman, SAT
Michele Speitz, English Faculty, Humanities Center
Garrett Stern, Leadership & Professional Education
Randy Umstead, Music Faculty, Department Chair
Rob Warren, Development
Erin Wissing, Athletics

If you have thoughts, suggestions, or feedback regarding our strategic plan, we encourage you to share them with us. Your perspective is vital in refining the path forward.

Strategic plan themes

You may share feedback by emailing or through the survey below.

Online Survey

On February 16, 2023 the university held a campus-wide event to invite feedback and input on the strategic planning process.  Use the link below to review the presentation from the event.

Community Day Presentation
Our strategic plan will be our commitment to elevating excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of our students and community.
— President Elizabeth Davis

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