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Diversity and Inclusion

At Furman, we embrace meaningful diversity and equality as embodied by both implicit values and explicit practices in all of our endeavors. As a university community, we are committed to supporting students, faculty and staff from every walk of life.

For Furman, diversity goes beyond any single category and includes the full range of differences that encompass all that makes us unique, including differences in race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, disability, religion, world view and many others.

Diverse students at the solidarity rally

diversity in the freshman class of 2021
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Michael Jennings walking to convocation

Chief Diversity Officer

“The key, really, is learning from each other, understanding that everyone needs their own support systems, and embracing differences. There’s not a simple answer for anything related to the issue of diversity, and it’s going to take many conversations, connections and discussions to figure out the best solutions for Furman.” — Chief Diversity Officer Michael Jennings, Ph.D.

Meet the Chief Diversity Officer

Diversity Vision and Statement

Our vision and statement together speak to the established values around diversity and inclusion that guide our path as an institution.

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Resources and Programs

The Furman community offers multiple opportunities to connect, celebrate, and learn about diversity and inclusion.

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Awards and Grants

Our community honors individuals who advance Furman’s value of diversity and inclusion.

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Report Discrimination

Furman has several options for individuals to report perceived discrimination.

Report Discrimination

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Our committee works to create a campus culture that reflects the character and values of the institution.

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Task Force on Slavery and Justice

Researching Furman's past to have a more just acknowledgment of that past.

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