The Writing Program at Furman supports a vibrant culture of writing among both students and faculty. Throughout their four-year experience and in every major, students have numerous opportunities to hone their writing skills. Furman endeavors to train students to write effectively in multiple genres; to choose the right style, medium, and evidence for the situation; and to participate successfully in professional environments after graduation.


While First-Year Writing Seminars introduce students to Furman writing culture, upper-level, writing- and research-intensive courses offered throughout the university hone these skills. Many majors also incorporate a senior capstone/research experience that allows students to demonstrate proficiency in their chosen academic field.

First-Year Writing Seminars

Furman is one of only five schools in the nation with a twelve-student first-year writing seminar, allowing your professor to offer individual attention to your writing process. Professors teach specialized seminars with a broad range of topics, for instance: “Southern Women: Black and White,” “Global Water Issues,” and “Medicine, Morality, and Culture.” Find out more.

Writing/Research Requirement

Furman prioritizes the development of writing and research skills during all four years. Writing/Research (W/R) requirement courses, capped at eighteen students, are offered throughout the university, and students may fulfill the W/R requirement in any department. Compared to the FYW, W/R courses–tailored to specific academic disciplines–provide more advanced, intensive research and writing opportunities. W/R classes feature a major writing project focused on the research methods, questions, and writing conventions within a particular field of study, with students conducting research in and writing for a disciplinary-specific audience. Semester course listings indicate which classes are being offered as W/R that term. Download the Guidelines and Regulations for a WR Course.

Writing and Multimedia Consultation

The Writing and Media Lab, located in the ground floor of the James B. Duke Library, is staffed by trained undergraduate peer consultants from assorted majors. Student consultants provide individualized assistance with both writing and multimedia class assignments. Visit The Writing and Media Lab.

For Faculty: Course Development and Pedagogical Support


  • 2022-2023 FYW Faculty Institute

Summer 2022 marks the beginning of the new FYW Faculty Institute, which is designed to prepare and support faculty who teach First-Year Writing courses at Furman. Find out more about the goals, structure, dates, and outcomes of the Institute here. Ready to apply? Fill out this quick application form by April 15, 2022.

The Faculty Development Center works with faculty members and instructional staff to develop course designs via workshops and individual consultations for course and assignment development and troubleshooting and coordinates a “class visits” program through the Open Classroom project each year. For more information about these events and services, please request a consultation here.

Events for Faculty

The Writing Programs sponsor a range of professional development workshops throughout the year for faculty teaching FYW courses, WR courses, or other courses that involve writing. See our events calendar for upcoming workshops.

Contact Information

For more information about the Writing Program, please contact Magdelyn Hammond Helwig, Director of Writing Programs, at 864-294-2413.

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