The first-year writings seminar program serves a unique and central role in Furman University’s core curriculum. Furman devotes intensive faculty resources to the first-year writing seminar (FYW): a professor teaches only twelve students in each seminar. In fact, Furman is one of only five colleges in the nation that provides the personal learning experience of a seminar this small. In addition, a member of the library faculty is assigned to work individually with each class. The FYW seminar teaches you to be a clear, concise, and persuasive writer able to conduct independent research and convey ideas with intellectual acuity. Our writing seminars equip you with the tools necessary for succeeding at the college level and in the professional world.

For Students:


What can I expect from my first-year writing seminar at Furman?

  • First-year writing seminars develop your skills in critical thinking and logical argument through a process of writing, rethinking, and rewriting.
  • Writing seminars are not just discussion classes; you will work on your writing in class, confer with your professor about your work, and learn to edit your peers’ (and your own) writing.
  • College-level research skills and experiences are emphasized in the writing seminar. You work with library faculty assigned to your specific seminar to develop your facility with research.
  • Higher modes of thinking, reading, and writing are introduced that will enable you to succeed through all of your college courses and beyond in your professional career.
  • Key competencies of academic writing such as citation formatting, grammar and punctuation, and academic integrity are reviewed and practiced.
  • The topic of your seminar is designed by your professor to spark your intellectual curiosity and build your analytical and communication skills. Seminar topics are not limited to a particular discipline or major, and many are interdisciplinary.

Whether you are an incoming first year and or a transfer student (when applicable), you will be assigned to a seminar during your first year at Furman based on topic preferences you select during Summer Orientation. View the seminar topics.​​

For FYW Faculty:


Faculty can also find help with multimedia class projects and assignments through The Writing and Media Lab.