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A Creative Offset program

The Community Conservation Corps (CCC), founded in 2009, provides free home weatherization to low-income homeowners in the greater Greenville community. We partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County to reduce energy consumption and promote the financial stability of homeowners through weatherization, energy conservation, and education. Furman students help track program savings and ​volunteer on certain projects. 

To ensure a positive and professional experience for our clients, the CCC hires experienced, certified home energy auditors to determine each home’s needs. Expert contractors working with campus and community volunteers then perform all necessary services and provide all clients with the most relevant information for their household. Some of our services include new or additional insulation in attics and crawlspaces, weather stripping, air-sealing, crawl space vapor barriers, safety checks on combustion appliances, and more. We estimate that by providing these and other home weatherization services, we can help our clients save up to 25% on their home energy bills.  

  • 160
    homes weatherized
  • 289
    average annual savings post weatherization
  • 80
    MTCO2e annual carbon offsets

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CCC Case Study Article

For more information about the CCC, contact Joy Baker at the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities.