Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2019
Santiago, Chile
November 11 – 17, 2019

The APEC Voices Leadership Council made a diffficult decision to cancel the APEC Voices 2019 program to be held in Santiago, Chile, due to the unrest and riots in Santiago and other parts of Chile. The APEC Voices 2019 program is unable to proceed as the Chilean Government is unable to ensure our safety and provide security during our stay in Santiago.

The Riley Institute would like to commend the chosen delegates who worked so hard throughout the application and interview process and as they prepared for the upcoming trip. They showed their leadership both in fulfilling the myriad requests and requirements for the trip and in recognizing that this decision was the right one for their safety and the safety of the other countries’ delegates.

The seven students chosen as the 2019 U.S. Delegation to Santiago, Chile, are: Johnny Aluri (’20) (bio) from Columbia, SC (Politics and International Affairs and Economics); Rachel Campbell-Baier (’20) (bio) from Boston, MA (Economics with a minor in Medicine, Health, and Culture); Rosemary Coskrey (’20) (bio) from Lexington, SC (Math-Economics); Hunter Dixon (’20) (bio) from Belmont, NC (Politics and International Affairs with a minor in Poverty Studies); Mattie MacDonald (’20) (bio) from Myrtle Beach, SC (Politics and International Affairs and Economics); Evan Myers (’21) (bio) from Birmingham, AL (Politics and International Affairs and Spanish double major, Latin American Studies minor); Emma Sanning (’20) (bio) from Nashville, TN (Politics and International Affairs and Economics) along with educators Dr. Brittany Arsiniega, (bio) Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, and Dr. Nathan Cook, (bio) Associate Professor and Chair of Economics.

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