Project Discovery is the result of an innovative partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate, Carver Middle School and DLI that provides 18 high-performing students with an opportunity to get an interactive view of three Upstate employers. Boys & Girls Club members will get an in-depth look at facilities and feature hands-on activities and informal discussions with business leaders to discuss future career options and study. Project Discovery hopes to facilitate the creation of a vital network for college-bound students in at-risk school districts, supporting a long-range view that will provide students with the ability to make lasting contacts, find mentors and support the development of a viable source of professional advice and support as they look towards the future.

Mentoring and professional development are important at all ages, and are vital for students in high-risk environments. Carver Middle School was selected, in part, because:

  • The school’s diversity score 0.36, which is less than the state average of 0.86
  • Minority Enrollment is 92 percent, nearly twice the state average of 48 percent
  • 85 percent of students are eligible for the free lunch program, compared at a 52 percent average of all South Carolina public schools

These are the details for Project Discovery:

  • Each DLI leader will be paired with 2 students and will stay with students throughout the day
  • Each student will be given a notebook, pen and a “observation template” to take notes
  • Refreshments will be provided throughout the day
  • We encourage the students to take notes on “what did you see / what did you like”
  • Students will be asked to write an essay to document their day and key learnings.