“But, what can I do?” This is the question that resonates with so many in the midst of crisis or human tragedy. The challenge of knowing what to do is often that there are so many avenues to address an issue that people who are already overwhelmed by the event are now overwhelmed by resources. People are equipped to respond to the needs of others in ways that are unique, so is there a way to offer diverse opportunities for people to help through their unique gifts and abilities? The death of Mr. George Floyd, and the vigils and protests following his death, overtly exposed racial inequality and injustice, and the phrase “but what can I do”, is once again on people’s minds and hearts. How can we equip people of all ages and backgrounds who are eager to support this movement, but lack the time to vet the numerous resources available? We created simple and varied, responsibly vetted resources that allow people to help others through the mode that works best for the circumstances, time-constraints, interests, and abilities of that person. These resources can be easily adapted for contexts ranging from schools to nonprofits to businesses to religious settings.