“Call me Mister Success”

A recent report calls the achievement by African American males in the United States a ‘national catastrophe’. The study states that African American males continue to perform lower than their peers throughout the country, no matter what the measure. One specific area pointed out in the study is education.

African American males are nearly twice as likely to drop out of high school as white males. As a result, the unemployment rate among black males ages 20 and over is twice as high as the unemployment rate among white males of the same age.

A 2003 study of the region showed that 59% of African American males entering their first year of high school in the 9th grade are not enrolled four years later. These students leave before completing high school. Many of these students have no male role model in their lives.

Based on the above statistics, group members of The Mind Builders compiled a video which highlights the successful stories of a number of African American leaders in our community. The aim of this video is to help to show African American male students in middle school that they too can achieve success.

Group members hope to distribute this video throughout several sectors of industry across the state of South Carolina.

To view the group’s video, Call Me Mister Success, click on the title or click on the play button below.