The goal of Involve Evolve is to provide cadets at SC Youth Academy with the opportunity to gain lifeskills that will benefit their future life decisions.

The project consists of two pilot initiatives. The first initiative “Evolve” engages the expertise of Sowing Seeds into the Midlands, a grassroots nonprofit located in Columbia, SC, committed to helping youth ages 13-18 thrive. Sowing Seeds will provide Evolve, a 6-week course that takes a deep dive into effective communication, conflict resolution, and managing emotions. Through interactive exercises and current cultural references, cadets will explore the ways their habits in these areas can affect their relationships at home, school, and in the community. This training is not currently being offered to the cadets but has been identified by Academy leadership as a necessary component to a well-rounded program.

The pilot will be offered to 25 students and will be funded by Involve|Evolve. It is the intention of all the partners that should this pilot prove effective, the Academy will find funding to offer it to the entire cohort of cadets on an ongoing basis. The second initiative “Involve” will connect the members of the Involve Evolve team with the cadets in a one-hour modified Career Day panel called “Learning Tips for Life”. Our aim is to inspire cadets through personal stories and some useful life lessons to create plans for themselves after leaving the Academy.