Team members of GR8 Po$$ibiliT’s have created the Midlands Diversity Academy, which is designed to bring together students representing diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, faiths, and perspectives to discuss their future, the barriers that obstruct their future, and the overall impact on the state of South Carolina if they do not graduate.  Through student engagement and interaction, participants will discuss the challenges that high school students face on a daily basis which represent potential barriers to graduation and the pursuit of post–secondary education.

Students will identify and propose specific resolutions to these challenges/barriers that would resonate with their peers.  Where appropriate, these ideas will be shared with education professionals and local agencies to assist in the implementation of the student generated programs.

It is the GR8 Po$$ibiliT’s team vision that this event will be the first of many annual meetings giving students the opportunity to step up and impact their personal future as well as the future of South Carolina.  The Midlands Diversity Academy will take place in the Fall of 2012.