Empathy without Apprehension’s goal is to improve the interactions between law enforcement and youth. By facilitating the interactive game Juvenile Justice Jeopardy, the Greenville Sheriff’s Department will be able to expand their community outreach to teens in the county. The game teaches youth about the justice system and helps them understand their legal rights as well as the consequences of certain actions. Juvenile Justice Jeopardy has been successfully implemented around the country and this DLI project will be the first time it is introduced to South Carolina. It will be customized to address the specific needs and issues relative to the Greenville community and the SC legal system. Juvenile Justice Jeopardy is fun, informative, and helps to build a positive rapport between youth and law enforcement.

Link to game: http://strategiesforyouth.org/for-communities/juvenile-justice-jeopardy/

News Coverage

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