The focus of Bulldogs for Business will be on the special needs, self-contained population of students at the middle and high school level – approximately the 20-30 students who are on the ‘certificate only’ track (i.e. not eligible to earn a High School diploma). The goal is to help prepare these students for life beyond school. Bulldogs for Business will provide classes on etiquette, resume building, and plan to host job fairs that include companies where this population could work successfully. Bulldogs for Business also aims to facilitate internship programs for special-needs students at 21 different job sites. For example, Clemson University has positions on their agricultural farms that are ideally suited for some of these individuals. Law enforcement will be present and helping at the classes, helping to reach more companies that could be included, and also offering basic career services in partnership with SC Works.

Bulldogs for Business will also facilitate follow-up sessions with students and employers so as to continually improve the program. This program will also serve as a way to enhance the community bond between the community, law enforcement, the education community, and others in order to ensure that these underserved groups are given the training and support they need to become successful lifelong employees.