The P2X processes all of Furman’s outgoing business mail.

Mail typically falls into one of 5 broad categories:

Pre-sort Mail

Business sized envelopes weighing 1 ounce or less.  They are processed at a discounted rate from First Class and sent to a pre-sort vendor for same-day processing.  Once processed, the pre-sort vendor then delivers this mail directly to the USPS on Furman’s behalf.

1st Class Mail

Mail weighing between 1 and 13 ounces is processed at full first-class USPS rates and picked up daily by the USPS at Furman.

Priority Mail

Mail weighing between 13 ounces and 70 pounds will be processed as Priority mail if your preference is to use the USPS.  Typically parcels weighing over 4 pounds could be shipped more cost-effectively using UPS.

Media Mail

Items that qualify as media mail include films, microfilms, test materials, printed music, manuscripts and books.  This service offered by the USPS is slower, taking as long as 7-10 days but is very inexpensive to use.

Library Mail

Items similar to media mail items listed above but mailed only between libraries.  The most inexpensive service offered by the USPS.

All of Furman’s mail goes out at the end of every day.
Please work with your P2X courier to get all mail to the P2X by 3:30 pm to allow for adequate processing time.

In the event that you have missed your last regularly scheduled courier pick up for the day, please bring your outgoing mail to the P2X.