Reminder: Website editing to be locked on May 23

May 10, 2022

Dear colleagues

In March and April we informed our campus partners that, as part of our website redesign process, editing access will be removed for a period of time this summer. On Monday, May 23, editing access will be temporarily removed and you will no longer have access to edit site content including text, event information, bios, and images until this phase of the project is complete in early August. Please plan to proactively make any updates to your content that is necessary prior to this date. Limited accommodations may be made for critical content site updates during this time.

Please visit this site for more information, content update requests and FAQs. If you are not able to find answers to your questions on our resource site, a member of our team is available to answer any additional questions you may have. See these guidelines and information to help prepare for this phase.

  • Proactively plan to make all critical content updates to your site prior to the lock date. Some special accommodations will be considered for critical site updates by submitting a request via the following form link which can be found at

  • Please visit this link also for the latest updates and FAQs.

  • University Communications’ Digital Marketing team will confirm and announce when access is reinstated and the new website is live. This is currently estimated to take place the first week of August.

  • University Communications will provide a site editor guide and overview of the new site features, modules, and functionality post-launch, however the functionality of the site and the method of editing will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Fisher, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at 294-3567.