The roles of the Investment Committee, Chief Investment Officer (CIO), and Consultant are described in the university’s Investment Policy. The Investment Committee meetings also include a faculty and student representative for discussion and to help keep campus constituencies informed.

Under the Finance and Administration division, the VP (CFO), Controller, Assistant Controller, Special Funds Accountant, and Budget Director all work closely with the CIO on a day-to-day basis. Proper controls and oversight procedures are in place to ensure the University’s endowment assets are safeguarded.

The Advisor Network is referred to as Furman’s Endowment Consulting Group. This body acts as an additional resource for the management of the Furman University Endowment. It currently has seven members, all institutional investment experts with strong ties to Furman.

(The graph describes the Furman Endowment Structure)


Statement of Investment Policies & Objectives

Spending Policy