A fixed asset is something you buy today that will benefit you tomorrow.

What Needs to be Capitalized?

  • Equipment/furnishing purchases $5,000 and up (per unit) that has a useful life of 3 years or more.
  • Also includes software licenses, motor vehicles, and golf carts
  • Capital construction projects including:
  • New Buildings
  • Building renovations that modify the building structure, change its intended use, and/or increases the useful life of the building
  • Campus land improvements

Capital Object Codes

71197 Building remodeling
71198 Minor construction
71210 Books, periodicals, and media
71220 Books and periodicals-special
71391 Research equipment
71392 General instructional equipment
71393 General office machinery and equipment
71394 General furniture and furnishings
71395 Motor vehicles
71396 Machinery and tools
71397 Golf carts
71398 Security/surveillance systems
71399 Portable equipment
71492 Information tech. instructional
71493 Information tech office machinery & equipment
71494 Capitalizable software
71495 Information tech network equipment

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