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Washington has the 6th most coronavirus restrictions

Last updated January 28, 2021

By Tina Underwood

In an article published on Yahoo! News about states with the most COVID-19 restrictions, Seattle-based reporter Charles Woodman cites a report compiled by WalletHub. Leading the pack with the most restrictions is California, with Oklahoma in the lead for fewest COVID constraints.

For comment on how closures, lockdowns and other restrictions affect local and state economies, Woodman quoted Kelsey Hample, a Furman University economics professor and one of the six faculty experts on the WalletHub study. She said, “Epidemiologists warn that if we open too early, the spread of COVID-19 will increase exponentially again. This will renew the economic issues we are already facing. Being sick is costly. If a person cannot work, she might lose income or her firm may have to pay a wage without producing something of value.”

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