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Vinson speaks to news agencies ahead of SC GOP primary

Danielle Vinson, Department of Politics and International Affairs.

Last updated February 22, 2024

By Tina Underwood

New outlets turned to Furman University’s Danielle Vinson ahead of South Carolina’s Republican primary. Vinson, a professor of politics and international affairs, was quoted in an NPR story by Stephen Fowler about infighting within the South Carolina Republican Party. Citing deep divisions in Horry County and in South Carolina more broadly, Vinson said the rifts in the party mirror those seen in the Tea Party days. She said pro-Trump newcomers to the GOP lack experience in the basic functions the party has traditionally held like fundraising and efforts to fuel voter turnout. Fowler suggested the fissures could play out on a wider national scale in November.

In an ABC 13 News (WLOS) story, Vinson said the South Carolina GOP Primary is all about Donald Trump and that there’s no question challenger Nikki Haley will lose – the question is, by how much?

In The Telegraph, Vinson said Haley’s statement about pardoning Donald Trump would improve her chances among Independents and the Trump-wing of the Republican Party if Haley were to run again in 2028.

In Newsweek, Vinson said Haley’s “clear the field” strategy has worked thus far, but numbers don’t bode well for her. Vinson said Haley needs to gain upwards of 50 percent of the vote on Saturday to ramp up pressure on Donald Trump. If this primary season marks the end of the road for Haley, Vinson said Haley’s future in politics looks promising if the Republican Party can move past Trump.

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