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Students honored with 2022 Academic Awards

Last updated April 1, 2022

By Furman News

More than 125 academic awards and scholarships were handed out to Furman’s graduating seniors on Sunday, April 3, during the 2022 Academic Awards Ceremony at the Melvin and Dollie Younts Conference Center on campus.

After a welcome from Associate Dean for Mentoring and Advising Michelle Horhota and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Ken Peterson, awards were presented for excellence in the social sciences and arts, mathematics and natural sciences, humanities and interdisciplinary subjects.

Following closing remarks from University President Elizabeth Davis, a reception was held in DeSantis Pavilion.



Art Department Award for Leadership and Exceptional Service (1996)

Anne Heaton Sanders

Art Faculty Award for Excellence and Service (2007)

Madeleine V. Wiggs
Caroline Bass

Art Faculty Award for Excellence in Art History (2007)

Madeleine V. Wiggs

Faculty Award for Art History (2007)

Grayson Sloop

Glen Howerton Award in Art (1996)

Jackson Shaner

Thomas E. Flowers Award in Art (1990)

Kaitlin Noble


Mattie Hipp Cunningham Scholarship (1972)

Willie Cornish Jr.

Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award (2007)

Adib Young

Theatre Arts

Furman Theatre Guild Award (1971)

Emily Enlow

Furman Theatre Most Valuable Player (1999)

Erik Bodien
Annalise Harris
Kaitlin Noble
Duncan Winburn

Business and Accounting

Fred and June Current Accounting Award (2003)

Kevin Buccini
Margaret Olivia Welsh

General Excellence in Business Award (2003)

Nathanael Hamilton Norfleet
Grayson Sloop
Pendleton Trainer

Lawrence Kessler Award for Excellence in Accounting (2006)

Maggie Pate

Sandy Roberson Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award (2017)

William Sutton Larmore


J. Carlyle Ellett Economics Prize (1990)

Caryss Baldwin
Charlotte Moore

Mathematics Economics Award for Excellence (2007)

Eleanor Liu


Outstanding Scholar and Leader in Education Award (2005)

Kate Massey

Health Sciences

Jerry R. Thomas Award in Health Sciences (1996)

Andrew Hampton Sisson

Public Health Senior Award (2019)

Sydney Beason

Ruth Reid Award (2005)

Isabella Gutierrez

Military Science

Distinguished Military Graduate Award (1986)

Reece Crook
Joshua Helton

Politics and International Affairs

Henry P. Jones Political Science Medal (1986)

Ava Macheledt
Addison Edward Smith

Paula Harper Bethea Civic Engagement Award (2020)

Kat Bassey
Drew Washington

Political Science Chair’s Award (2003)

Reagan A. Brittain
Kyle Hosey

Political Science Faculty Award (1997)

Erica Daly
Jonathan Price St. Clair

S. Sidney Ulmer Political Science Medal (1955)

Jonathan McKinney


Allport Scholar in Psychology (1968)

Riley Grace Hughes
Queen Trapp

Brewer Scholar in Psychology (2008)

Will Deng

Burts Scholar in Psychology (1973)

Emma Carmichael

Marshall Prevost Medal in Psychology (1961)

Sam Gary


David Redburn Award (2013)

Natalie Ann Baker

Johnson-Webb Sociology Award (1984)

Taylor Bernice Moore

Paul Kooistra Fellowship for Engaged Sociology (2019)

Whitni Simpson


Award for Excellence in Anthropology (2016)

Helen Marie Corbett Winters

Asian Studies

Faculty Award in Chinese (1991)

Lauren O’Hearn

James B. Leavell Outstanding Work in Asian Studies (2005)

Oscar Guillén Arauz

Outstanding Work in Chinese Studies (2004)

Lauren Krotz
Tessa Whitaker

Outstanding Work in Japanese Studies (2004)

McKenzie Gibel


John Scott Murray Greek Prize (1928)

Patrick Lyle

John Scott Murray Latin Prize (1928)

Jed Mackey

Communication Studies

Charles A. Batson Award (2004)

Alexis Hildenbrandt

Communication Studies Award for Excellence in Public Speaking & Debate (1937)

Emma Jane Berger

Endel Award for Excellence in Communication Studies (1926)

Lindsey Elena Cottle

Endel Medal for Excellence in Mass Communication (1937)

Nick Curcio

Endel Medal for Excellence in Rhetoric and Oratory (1926)

Catherine Byrd


J. Decherd Guess Scholarship (1989)

Anna Blackman
Catherine Byrd
Emily Enlow
McKenzie Gibel
Madeleine V. Wiggs
Molly Lamoreaux Cribb

Pate American Literature Scholarship (2020)

Skyler Fox

Pipkin English Award (1968)

Henry Dambach

Roger Peace / L.D. Johnson Award (1982)

Mary Shelley Reid

Rudolph Bates Award (1997)

Devin Zhang


Alumni Award for Academic Excellence in History (2003)

George Franklin King III
Alston Ramage Lewis
Ava Macheledt

Daughters of the American Revolution Prize in American History (1937)

Grace Ryan

Endel Memorial History Prize (1937)

Amelia Spell

Gilpatrick History Prize (1937)

Kyle Hosey

Modern Languages and Literatures

Cervantes Award in Spanish (1969)

Daniel Sarkela

David Wells Morgan Award in French (1969)

David Reuben Meyer

Goethe Award in German (1969)

Leanne Joyce


Excellence in Applied Philosophy Award (2019)

Alessandra Josephine Hermetz

James C. Edwards Excellence in Philosophy Award (1998)

Katherine Tanis
Devin Zhang


Baggott Excellence Award (1978)

Eleanor Marion Proctor
Natalie Anne Morgan

Baggott Ministerial Award (1978)

Carrie Leigh Williams

John C. Shelley Award for Excellence in Fields of Theology and Ethics (2013)

Olivia Buse
Mary Shelley Reid

Scholarly Achievement Award in Religion (1970)

Erik Bodien
Abigail Christine Smith


Beta Beta Beta General Excellence Award (1974)

Charles W. Hudson

C. Leland Rodgers Biology Award (2000)

Alfred Edward Andrews III
Jonathan Davis Jr.

Distinguished Research in Biology Award (2000)

Skyler Fox
Jake Gerardi

Elizabeth Thackston Taylor Botany Medal (1942)

Skyler Fox


American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major Award (1954)

Ethan Durham

American Institute of Chemists Award in Biochemistry (1984)

Ryan Singer

American Institute of Chemists Award in Chemistry (1984)

Emily Hardwick

John Albert Southern Chemistry Award (1973)

Christine Fasana
Allen Matthew Knepper
Madelaine Tedrick

John Sampey Award in Chemistry (1968)

Madeline Klumb
Luke A. Kurfman
Shannon Harold

Computer Science

Computing in Community Award (2017)

Meredith Pearce
Michael Bowling

Kenneth C. Abernethy Award for Excellence in Computer Science (1996)

Riley Luckmann
Nicholas Robins

Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Award (2007)

Isabelle Harris

Earth and Environmental Sciences Scholar Award (2007)

Adare W. Taylor

Sustainability Science Research Award (2013)

Jack Markowitz

Wallace C. Fallaw Outstanding Senior Award (1996)

Caroline Elizabeth Vickery


Applied Mathematics Award for Excellence (2022)

Madeleine Edenton

Mathematics Award for Excellence (Delany Medal) (1945)

Eleanor Liu


William Blaker Award for Excellence in Neuroscience (2015)

Brenna Outten


Award for Excellence in Physics (2020)

Madeleine Edenton
Madeline Klumb

Mary Paige Ouzts Senior Physics Award (2005)

Maggie Fritts

Office of Pre-Professional Advising – Health Careers

Alpha Epsilon Delta Scholarship Award (1982)

Emily Hardwick

Robert Emmett Allen Pre-medical Prize (1927)

Noah Callahan Steyer

Africana Studies

Award for Excellence in Africana Studies (2022)

Riley Grace Hughes

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Award for Excellence in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (2001)

Riley Grace Hughes

Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Award for Excellence in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (2001)

Abigail Christine Smith

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Award for Excellence (2022)

Madeleine Edenton
Yunji Rosie Kim
Noah John Johnson

Environmental Studies

Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies (2001)

Mianna Romano

Film Studies

Award for Excellence in Film Studies (2014)

Gabrielle Mackenzie Rumph

Latin American and Latinx Studies

Award for Excellence in Latin American and Latinx Studies (2001)

Jack Markowitz

Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Award for Excellence in Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (2020)

Morgen Grace Smith

Medicine, Health and Culture

Award for Excellence in Medicine, Health and Culture Studies (2019)

Christine Fasana

Middle East & Islamic Studies

Award for Excellence in Middle East & Islamic Studies (2018)

Erik Bodien

Poverty Studies

Award for Excellence in Poverty Studies (2010)

Asha Marie Larson-Baldwin
Ava Macheledt

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