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Greenville County has 1000% more Hispanic voters since 2000. But, they’re not yet a political force

Last updated November 5, 2020

By Tina Underwood, Contributing Writer

Brittany Arsiniega is quoted in a Greenville News article about the rise in the Hispanic population in Greenville County and what that means for future elections. Arsiniega, a Furman University politics and international affairs professor, says the real impact will be among younger Latinx citizens. “I think the most interesting thing is the voting power that Hispanics will have in the future. Not this year because such a small percentage of the Hispanic population in South Carolina is eligible to vote. But Hispanic kids are such an important part of our community,” Arsiniega said. “They will grow up and hopefully will vote and so the next generation in Greenville County really could have a significant impact on election outcomes.”

Last updated November 5, 2020
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