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When connection to others is the Silver Lining

“With strums, bows, picks, and taps, the Nashville-based cellist/singer/songwriter Sarah Clanton delivers poignant tales of heartbreak and hope like an arrow shot to the soul,” says an article appearing in Elmore magazine, a publication for fans of more adventuresome, edgy music. A 2007 graduate who double majored in communication studies and music,  Clanton is causing a stir in her home city of Nashville by being named  an official showcase artist at the South Eastern Regional Folk Alliance, snagging a deal with Torque Entertainment, and making the Nashville Songwriters Association International Top 40 with her hit, “Tequila.” Due out next spring, Clanton’s debut EP is said to be a “new incarnation of her honey-and-thunder sound.” Hear a sample of Clanton’s music, and read more about her work, including a new song co-written by Mary Bragg, “Silver Lining,” in Elmore.

Last updated November 14, 2017
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Clinton Colmenares
News & Media Relations Director