April 30, 2021

Furman Focused update: PURPLE Phase

Dear Campus Community,

Congratulations! The streak will continue into a sixth consecutive week, as we will operate next week in the PURPLE: Basic Precautions phase on campus, while adhering to the YELLOW phase operations off campus. We are so proud of this community and your commitment to making this semester a success.

COVID dashboard

We completed surveillance testing for 208 on-campus students this week, resulting in 0 asymptomatic positives. There was 1 positive case reported by the Earle Student Health Center. Thank you to our entire community for your diligence and commitment to one another. The Furman Focused Dashboard and Campus Operational Phases were updated yesterday.

Surveillance testing

Surveillance testing has ended after two semesters and the testing tents in the Daniel Chapel lot will be removed soon. Thank you to every student who participated in our surveillance monitoring program since the middle of the fall semester. 

Communication plan during May X and summer months

This will be the last weekly Furman Focused update. Moving forward, we will continue to keep the Furman community updated using the Furman Focused website. We will also send periodic email updates as new information is available. Please take the time to review the Summer 2021 Planning and Fall 2021 Planningsites.

Students living in campus housing for May X will receive an email with important information from Furman Focused later next week.

Vaccination update

We are excited to report that 22.3 percent of the student body has submitted their completed vaccination cards to the ESHC. Students and employees who are fully vaccinated will not be included in any future surveillance testing and will not have to quarantine due to an exposure.

Students, faculty and staff may use https://vaxlocator.dhec.sc.gov as a resource for scheduling an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students, faculty and staff who have received the complete dose of the COVID vaccination are encouraged to voluntarily share their vaccination record.

For employees, this information will not be shared or stored as part of personnel records, and no personnel actions will be taken based on whether employees have received the vaccine. Please submit only your vaccination record and do not include any medical information along with it.

Housing move out

Students should limit the number of individuals who assist them with the move-out process to no more than two individuals, preferably family members. Students and their family members will be expected to wear masks and follow physical distancing guidelines during the move-out process. Family members are not permitted to stay overnight in campus housing.

Thank you to the COVID Student Advisory Group

A very special thank you to the members of our student advisory group – Jack Cline, Anne Kirby, Tingtong “Tina” Liu, Griffin Mills, Renee Neves, Helena Sherman, Dylan Singhi, Chase Smith, Ivan Weaver and Avery Whitehead. Your insights, feedback, advice and many edits served to enhance our planning, protocols, communications, and ultimately the student experience.

Good luck to all students on final exams and projects. Have a fun and safe weekend!


Ken Peterson, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Connie Carson, Vice President for Student Life

Co-Chairs, COVID Response Steering Committee