The Cothran Center’s Summer Connections program is for incoming students and is held on Furman’s campus for one week every summer.

Each summer, we gather a group of thoughtful, mature, and open-minded students who are willing to be stretched beyond their individual comfort zones. Guided by experienced Furman teachers and mentors and stimulated by new friends of different backgrounds, you will learn to be more appreciative of your own “life stories” as you discover that discernment of personal calling yields authenticity and fulfillment.

Make the CONNECTIONS with friends, mentors and the special place that will soon become your home away from home. 

Summer Connections is a fun and inspiring weeklong program that aims to guide you in considering your life’s meaning and purpose. Classes, workshops, journaling, and community engagement opportunities are just a few ways in which you’ll begin to understand yourself and your path. You’ll also continue to be enriched and supported by the friends and mentors you make at Summer Connections over the next four years.

SUMMER CONNECTIONS 2024 will take place on Furman’s campus, July 14-20.

Applications are now closed.

For a “sneak peek” at last year’s Summer Connections program, please take a look at this photo album: Summer Connections 2023_Album


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