Sunset on the lake in winter

Alumni Pilgrimage

Every other year (odd-numbered years), we invite alumni to join in deeply enriching pilgrimage experiences to places around the world. In years past, we have gone on pilgrimage to Ireland (2011), Spain (2009), the Iona community in Scotland (2013), Chartres Cathedral in France (2017), and St. Olav’s Way in Norway (2019). Pilgrims walk paths where other pilgrims have traveled for generations, experience authentic hospitality in communities near and far, encounter rich spiritual connectedness, and have amazing space–and beautiful views–to reflect on their own life’s purpose, direction, and calling. Pilgrims are invited to bring and share their own stories and traditions during conversations. As with all of our programs and services, these pilgrimages are offered to all alumni, regardless of faith tradition or perspective. We provide an open, welcoming space and encourage alumni to use their own beliefs in discovery and analysis of their individual life’s goals and meanings.