Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview takes time, dedication, and practice. There are many different types of interviews depending on the position and industry. Make sure you prepare for your specific interview situation.

Big Interview

Big Interview can help you work through your verbal and nonverbal communication skills so you can make your best impression in an interview. Big Interview gives you industry-related advice and an opportunity to put it into practice. Record your interview practice and send it to a Malone Center Career Advisor for additional tips and tricks to ace your interview. Register with your Furman email address to get started. Furman alumni use organization code ‘Furman1826‘ to create your account.

Following Up

Send a thank-you email and/or note the same day of your interview with specific things you appreciated about the company and individuals you met. If they choose to move forward in the hiring process they will likely ask for your references, be prepared with a list to give them and make sure to ask permission of those you list as references.

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